Pro Makeup Tips FACE

“Mixing foundation with moisturizer is an easy way to lighten your coverage options if you already have a fuller coverage foundation.” —Caitlin Wooters, makeup artist

“To make foundation thicker, mix in a touch of loose powder. (Be careful not to add too much or it will cake.)” —Cecilia Muench, creative director of Inglot

“Starbucks napkins and disposable toilet-seat covers work just as well as blotting papers.” —Kerry Cole, style director of Becca Cosmetics

“My signature trick is, before completing my look, I always add a light dusting of blush to my crease and around my temples to pull everything together.” —Sasha Simler, trainer and makeup artist for Shu Uemura North America

“For a luminous skin effect, mix your foundation with a golden or a pearly white eyeshadow. It gives your complexion a radiance beyond compare.” —Nicolas Degennes, creative director of Givenchy beauty

“If you’re extremely oily and don’t have face primer handy, just apply a little corn starch to your skin before your foundation.” —Niki Metz, director of artistry for Jouer

“My mom, the cofounder of Benefit Cosmetics, used to tell [my sister] and me ‘there are no rules when it comes to beauty.’ She always took her favorite lipstick shade at the time and used it all over to create an entire makeup look. I remember growing up watching her put a swipe on both her cheeks, both eyelids, her lips, and blending it in, and it instantly looked like she got a makeover.” —Annie Ford Danielson, Benefit global beauty authority

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